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from the sea

Taste And Health
From The Sea
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About Us

We are a food company working to allow all the people have Access to fish, having the most valuable protein on earth. We are working with passion to ensure that our millions of customers in more than 50 countries on 4 continents are fed with healthier, higher quality and more tasteful fish.

Our Products

Our fish is provided with feed that is formulated peculiar to Özsu and produced by using high quality fish meal and fish oil and grown in conditions with optimal sea water temperature, salt rate and other ecological factors in consideration of its biological properties. Our fish, being a source of high quality protein as well as a source rich of omega-3, vitamins and minerals, is bred, harvested and transported in compliance with the international GAP Global standards, Turkish Food Codex and Turkish standards.


We are bringing fish to your tables; being a rich source of omega-3, vitamins and minerals as well as providing high quality protein stores.


We always stand by our customers providing our tasteful fish to the end consumers while contributing in happier and healthier lives.


We take pleasure in meeting and walking together with talented people sharing our values. If you wish to work in Özsu, we would be glad to meet you.


We work in close collaboration with our suppliers since we consider them as our most powerful supporters in terms of maintaining satisfaction of our consumers.


Please get detailed information by examining our financial reports, our partnership structure, financial data and financial results.

As a people oriented brand, we care about other people, the world we live in and the seas being our source of living. We believe that sustainability is the only solution as being settled in every level of our business and located in the center of our institutional culture.

Our Policy Of Sustainability

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